• Why a Weightable Plush?

    Our furry plush dogs are carefully designed and weighted to elicit the feeling of being hugged

  • What are the benefits?

    When held or embraced it gives your body the overall feeling of calm and peace.

  • Who should use a Weightable?

    Weightables can be used by Children over the age of 3 and Adults when they are experiencing feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, grief or frustration.

Our Collection of weighted plush dogs are based on the real therapy animals of Andrus, an organization helping communities to heal and to learn a new language of hope for over 100 years.

Meet our first Weightables! - Rocky and Teddy! When held or embraced these 4 pound furry versions of the real Andrus Therapy Dogs elicits the same physical response as receiving a loving hug - giving your body an overall feeling of calm and peace. Ideal for Kids and Adults including students, busy parents, professionals, senior citizens and more!